Ian ran as fast as he could to the entrance of the Faber Clinic. He felt his heart pounding so fast. All he needed was to see Lavinia’s eyes, to feel safe again.

It was the perfect timing, after all he had been through.

He arrived at the big hall at the reception and looked around. No one was there, not even the receptionist. He climbed the stairs on the right side and headed to Webb’s office. Lavinia couldn’t have known that Benjamin was dead, so that must be the first place she would go. To his surprise the door to Webb’s office, formerly Rita’s office was locked. Ian stood still for a moment to think. It was past midnight. Why would Lavinia return without contacting him and why in the middle of the night? What was going on? He searched the entire floor and almost all places in the Clinic that Lavinia could possibly be, but in vain. She was nowhere to be found.

Have I been dreaming? he thought to himself.

He headed back to his office, thinking that all he needed was a good sleep. When he opened the door, a woman was sitting on his chair. He closed the door quietly.

“Hello, Ian,” said Lavinia with a big smile.

“I… I… can’t believe it’s you. I thought… How are you? What are you doing here?”

“I work here now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the new Head of the Faber Clinic, Ian. I’m your new boss.”

Ian rolled his eyes.

“You mean… You know about Benjamin? It was you? But how? Why?”
“Benjamin is… was my cousin.”

“And Rita your aunt?”


“You never told me… I mean… I’m glad that you’re here and…” he suddenly stopped. Something wasn’t quite right.

“I’m sure you’ve got a lot of questions. Let us grab a cup of coffee because we’ve got a lot of catching up to do, okay?”

Ian smiled and followed her to the cafeteria.

… …

“I do not wish to talk about that particular night. But all you need to know is that Lavinia wanted me to kill both of them. She actually planned it all along,” said Ian at the judges.

“What do you mean planned it?” asked the judge.

Ian smiled. “Well… Lavinia as you know had figured it all out. Of course, she would, she was so smart. He wanted these people dead, but she couldn’t do it herself. So, by sending me there and making me find out everything about what was going on in the Clinic, she knew that I would end this once for all. And then she would be back to be the Head of the Faber Clinic, the way that it is supposed to be.”

“Did she actually say those words?”

“What words?”

“That she wanted you to kill them?”

“Yes,” replied Ian.

“And what else did you two talk about?”

“Nothing important. That’s all you need to know,” said Ian and couldn’t help but laugh.

… …

The first day of Lavinia’s new position in the Clinic was a new beginning for everyone. As promised, Lavinia changed everything for the benefit of everyone. The staff, the patients, the doctors, Ian, everyone was satisfied with the way everything was working except from one person; Jane.

Jane was completely in love and depended upon Ian, and like a woman in love, she could not help but feel the monster of jealousy every time she saw the way Ian and Lavinia were acting around each other, in front of her.

She decided to confront Ian in one of their sessions on a quiet afternoon.

“Do you still have nightmares, Jane?”

“Not like before. Ian? Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, Jane, anything.”

“Do you love her?”

“Excuse me?”

Jane looked at him intensely. She didn’t repeat the question. She knew that Ian understood and after what they have experienced and shared together, there was no reason why Ian would pretend.

“I do, Jane. I’m sorry.”

Jane covered her face and huffed under a heavy load.

“I don’t understand, Ian. After all I’ve done for you. What has she done…? I mean… I almost killed someone for you. I took the blame.”

“This is completely different. This is our secret, something we both decided to do for your sake. But what I feel about her…”
“Do not talk to me about feeling. Don’t you dare.”

“We can’t control the person we fall in love with.”

“Oh my God, stop this bullshit. Don’t go all psychiatrist on me. You know that I have a lot of power over you Ian, don’t you? I can’t tell everything. I can accuse you for everything.”

Ian did not reply.

“I think that’s enough for today. Please sleep on it, and we’ll talk again on Friday.”

“I want another doctor.”

“That’s not possible.”

Ian left the room, while Jane was yelling at him, like a cheated wife. He needed to figure it out.

There was a way out of it and Lavinia would understand but this is not what he’s doing.

As he said to me that night in my apartment the day, he came to kill me,

“I could kill her. Get rid of her once and for all. But I’m not a killer. I do not … kill those who do not deserve it. She had done nothing wrong.”

Ian told everything to Lavinia and she suggested the exact same thing.

“Well, kill her then. That’s what you do right? We can’t let her destroy us. We are finally where we want to be.”

“Lavinia, I don’t… I do not just kill people. I thought you understood.”

“Yes, of course Ian, I’m sorry. I’m in over my head. Do you want me to deal with it?”

“No, it’s ok. I can handle her. I just wanted to tell you.”

Ian left contemplating. After a very long time he finally had two days off his work, but it was the first time that he hadn’t wanted it. For some reason, he didn’t trust Lavinia. Although he loved her more than he could handle, he didn’t trust her. Especially around Jane.

However, he managed to get some rest and not return to the Clinic. In the meantime, he had found his next victim without saying anything to Lavinia.

And now for this point, Ian did not mention anything. For him, it wasn’t as significant as the rest to mention. For him people’s lives do not matter the same. Therefore, I cannot inform you about one more unfair death. Parents, relatives, and loved ones of that person will never know how and why he or she died. They will forever think it was an accident or a suicide or whatever Ian had planned for that person.

And I wonder to myself, at this point is there someone who reads all these and has the slightest doubt about Ian’s guilt? I hadn’t missed a day to Ian’s court days, and it was around that time that I saw it in the jury’s eyes… doubt – sympathy – understanding for Ian’s face. And that was when I knew I had to do something. I had to change their opinion and remind them who we’re dealing with. A murderer! Regardless the reason, regardless the victim. He is a murderer. But my day until I appeared to the stand and gave my own statement was still far away…

Friday morning Ian returned to the Clinic and his first session was with Jane, but instead he was called to Lavinia’s office.

“This is your new patient. Greg McCain. He was admitted yesterday. You’ll know how to deal with him. Trust me. He is waiting for you,” said Lavinia and passed him the new file.

“Hmm… okay… but what time do I have my session with Jane?”

“You no longer have Jane.”

“Excuse me?”

“Jane and I decided that was best if you both spend some time apart. She agreed to another doctor.”

“This is absurd. And how may I ask is the new doctor?”

“I am,” said Lavinia with a smile. Ian stared at her and left a weird sound with his mouth.

“Does Jane know?”

“Of course, she does. We already had our first session yesterday.”

“But I thought you said you would let me deal with it.”

Lavinia smiled. “I know, I know. The thing is, my love, that I quite don’t trust you, yet. No offence.”

Everything in that sentence felt so pretentious and suspicious to Ian. But it wasn’t until the very last statement of his in the court that I found out what he meant when he expressed his suspicion about Lavinia.

…. …. ….

Jane’s second statement in the courtroom.

“I was aware of two more murders that Ian committed at the Faber Clinic. Both of them I know because of Lavinia… I mean Dr. Kull… she told me.”

“What was the relationship between you and Lavinia?” asked the attorney.

“Well… I hated her… at first. But then she made me realize that it wasn’t her that I really hated but Ian. I couldn’t possibly be in love with a murderer. That’s what Lavinia believed. She never really loved him.”

Ian looked at her angrily. He moved uncomfortably in his chair.

“Lavinia told me everything about her plan. Since our very first session. It was a risk if you ask me. I could have told everything to Ian. But of course, she didn’t allow his visit until after she had managed to make me hate him once and for all. It is a pity she’s dead. She is… she was a notable person.”

“Were you still at the hospital when she was murdered?”

“No. After almost a month that we started the sessions, she discharged me. I found out in the newspaper about her tragic and brutal death.”

“And what did you do when you found out?”

“Nothing… I was so scared. If a man that claims to love a person that much, ends up killing that person in the most brutal way he can, what would you do?”

Jane’s question left the whole room in silence.

Damn… I thought to myself. My gaze turned immediately to Ian. He gave a nod to his lawyer.

“Objection, your Honor. Leading question.”


The attorney laughed. He turned to Ian’s lawyer, Jake York and said:

“After all this time, after all you have heard at this room, do you really think that there is anything that can be said that can lead to anything else than the guilt of this… man?”

Ian examined the man, attorney Tyler Holland. Shivers ran down Tyler’s spine. He regretted the words coming out of his mouth.

“No further questions,” he quietly said and sat down. He felt safe, however, knowing that Ian could no longer hurt anyone and that he probably never would… Right?

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