Whenever I heard something about this persona called Lavinia, I was always under the impression that she was a smart and capable woman. Considering her past and the whole strategic plan to earn her possession as Head of the Faber Clinic, without even sweating, well, you would expect that her plan to kill Ian would be at least a masterplan. But sometimes life gives you an opponent – either a person or a situation – that you cannot compete fair and square, and you lose. In Lavinia’s case the loss was ultimate.

Saturday afternoon Lavinia and Jane – still at the hospital – engaging in one meeting after another. Lavinia was not that careful but then again, she had the doctor’s alibi. No matter how many times a patient needs you, you must be there for them.

On the other side, Ian was calmer than ever. Now, that Brad was out of the picture he had nothing to worry about. He didn’t care that Lavinia had cheated on him; he didn’t overthink about how Lavinia really felt. The fact that Brad was dead was enough for him. Even in the courtroom when attorney Tyler Holland made that inappropriate comment:

“Imagine the only person you trust, deceiving and cheating on you with such easiness.”

I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I immediately turned and looked at Ian, as everyone in the room did, he kept looking at the floor, legs crossed and just left a faint laugh. And that was all. Well, who could blame him in the end? Tyler had it coming. Oh, no. Scratch that last thought. No… Under no circumstances Ian is innocent for any of the murders.

… …

“But Lavinia, I’ve seen what he’s capable of. He is a very smart man. Don’t you think that if we just trust a random man to kill him, he will be successful? I mean… we are talking about a professional murderer.”

“Well, if we all help a bit…”

“What do you mean?”

“Jane, I didn’t want to tell you before, cause I knew you wouldn’t agree…” Jane rolled her eyes waiting for Lavinia’s next words.

“… In exactly two hours a man will come here. His name is of no importance. In exactly three hours I have a meeting in my office with Ian to talk about you and your releasing papers.” Jane covered her mouth with both hands.

“Exactly, after tonight you will no longer be part of this madness. Tomorrow morning, I will release you from this… place. But only after we successfully run the plan. Are you with me?”

“I need to hear the plan, first.”

And then Lavinia started explaining her so called masterplan leaving Jane speechless and frightened of what was about to happen to all of them in a few hours.

… …

Three hours later everyone was at their place. Lavinia, Jane, the paid murderer, and Ian. If that were a staged theatrical play, you would say that all actors performed exceptionally, however, not according to Lavinia’s playwrighting.

Ian arrived at exactly 8pm outside Lavinia’s office. He tried to open the door, but it was closed. He brought his ear near the door and to his surprise he heard Lavinia moan in pleasure. He then heard a man’s voice. Ian smiled. Who knew what was going on in his twisted mind. You can’t expect a normal behaviour from a psychopath.

He tried to break the door, and managed to do so successfully. When he entered he saw a half-naked man on top of Lavinia, both at the floor. Ian did not rush. He wasn’t holding anything – knife or gun – to kill his victim as expected. Lavinia glanced at him without reacting waiting for the plan to go as agreed. Ian met her look and then he knew. He just knew.

Jane appeared behind Ian holding a big syringe in her right hand. Ian saw her reflection on the window and immediately turned. He gave a big push to Jane, making her hit her head on the corner of a table and faint. The paid-killer turned immediately but Ian had already stabbed him with the syringe containing sedative with enough milligram to immobilize a pack of buffalos. The man fell on the floor a few seconds later unable to move. Lavinia kept staring at Ian thinking what to do next.

“You don’t seem to learn your lesson, do you?” said Ian completely calm.

Lavinia did not answer.

“Well, I tell what’s gonna happen. Don’t think of it as a warning. No, no. So tomorrow Jane will be released and you will never speak to or see her again. She will hardly remember you either way. I’ll make sure of that. And you… you my dear need to start acting like you are supposed to. All right?”

Lavinia nodded but did not answer.

“Oh, I almost forgot.”

 He took a pocket-knife and slaughtered the man until the whole white carpet on the floor turned red.

 The two of them did not speak for the rest of the night. Ian gently took Jane into his arms and returned after almost an hour in Lavinia’s office only to see that she was gone. The man was still lying in his own blood. Ian started closed the door and started cleaning the room.

… …

There is no point for me to keep it any longer. Lavinia’s death was up next…

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