5. BENJAMIN (part I)

“My name is Ian Hurts and this is how I killed Benjamin Webb.” “… I wanted to be a bit more careful that time, cause I had the feeling that Lavinia was suspecting something. I was dying to reveal everything to her; my thoughts, my idea of justice. I knew she was the only person who would understand me. I guess people can be wrong, right? Back then I needed to gain her trust…” Ian, after Dr. Kull’s advice, decided to start his Master Degree in Clinical Psychopathology. I’ve always wondered how people who have spent most part of their lives involved in the field of Psychology, cannot psychoanalyze themselves and identify their flows and weakness. But apparently this is just another myth. “So, Ian, I was thinking that it’s time for you to have your own first session with a patient,” said Lavinia, while taking aContinue reading “5. BENJAMIN (part I)”